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Iron Logic Systems
State-of-the-art security technology
CCTV Security Systems for Organizations
We provide a wide range of innovative solutions to improve security, automation, and efficiency across all business sectors.
Iron Logic Systems
Efficient security solutions for retail sector
Smart Anti-Theft Systems
Easy to implement EAS system to increase open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft.
Iron Logic Systems
Improve your organization’s efficiency with cost-effective IT infrastructure.
State-of-the-Art IT Infrastructure in Dubai
We provide a wide range of IT infrastructure components, such as hardware, software, network resources, as well as support and maintenance services.
Iron Logic Systems
Top notch multi location control
Gate Barrier Systems
Cost efficient access control solutions that work for single or multi door setup all connected in TCP/IP Network.
Iron Logic Systems
Smart solutions for your daily needs
Advanced Home Automation Solutions
Make your home more comfortable and easier to manage by automating control to home appliances, lights, AC, entertainment systems.
Iron Logic Systems
Lightning-Fast connectivity
The Power of Satellite Communication
Stay connected anywhere, anytime: discover reliable telecommunication services for fast and seamless connection!
Iron Logic Systems
Track Your Assets with Precision
Be in control with GPS tracking solutions!
Real-time location tracking made wasy - discover the power of our GPS services in UAE!


Iron Logic Systems is an SIRA-approved company that offers smart and secure CCTV, access control, and gate barrier installation and maintenance, cabling, home automation and GPS tracking. We help our customers and organization to stay up-to-date with new-age and modern technology, utilize its features in their day-to-day operation.

Iron Logic Systems is UAE-based company which helps organizations to stay up-to-date with modern technology and utilize its features in their day-to-day operations.

We successfully utilize our market-leading expertise in hardware, surveillance, and telecommunication technologies, as well as software, data processing, analysis, and futuristic solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Iron Logic Systems, a Sira approved security company, takes pride in delivering solutions tailored to our clients' needs, regardless of the industry or size of the business. Our experts combine their knowledge and expertise to develop innovative solutions incorporating the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Complete peace of mind with 24/7 coverage
Industries We Serve
We, a Sira approved CCTV provider, deliver end-to-end video surveillance and security solutions that provide the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions.


Сomplete security coverage for common areas, floors, rooms, parking, and amenities. We are a Sira authorised security company, and our solutions are developed to achieve both efficiency and regulatory compliance.


We are a Sira certified security company, offering 24x7 coverage to maintain safety and operational efficiency. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs and maximize security from the emergency department to the patient's ward.

Government Buildings

Iron Logic Systems, a Sira approved CCTV company, integrated security systems, video & biometric readers, and other state-of-the-art solutions designed to provide exceptional service and outstanding quality.

Urban Surveillance

We are a Sira approved security company, offering equipment to maximize cooperation between city agencies, optimize emergency management, facilitate a safer environment, gather essential data to improve traffic flow, and many other benefits.

Commercial Assets

Iron Logic Systems, a Sira authorised security company, offers commercial security and video management solutions for office buildings, shopping centers, and retail stores to safeguard assets and personnel and improve operational flexibility.


We are Sira approved CCTV company and offer complex solutions to optimize the safety and security of airports by maximizing situational awareness, operational effectiveness, and improved emergency responsiveness.

Construction Sites

Special equipment designed to maximize on-site safety of personnel, construction equipment and building materials. Various solutions to benefit operational efficiency.

Educational Institutions

We are a Sira approved CCTV provider, offering security surveillance systems integrated with third-party access control, analytics, and communication services. Designed to be scalable from a small to a large facility with multiple campuses.

Banks and Financial Establishments

Iron Logic Systems, a Sira approved CCTV company, offers state-of-the-art integrated security systems to maximize the safety of assets. We facilitate top-notch biometric surveillance, AI-powered intelligent solutions, and other solutions tailored for banks and financial institutions.

Oil & Gas Sector Facilities

On-site security designed for oil refineries, petrol stations and other facilities in order to enhance protection of  employees, secure valuable assets and preserve natural environment.

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