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Understanding CCTV Guidelines in Dubai

The installation of CCTV cameras in Dubai is a subject of much discussion and debate. The CCTV system guidelines in Dubai can be pretty tricky to understand and even more challenging to adhere to. This is where Iron Logic Systems, the SIRA-approved company, comes in as one of the leading providers of security systems installation in Dubai. We provide guidance and expertise to businesses and individuals who want to install CCTV cameras in Dubai. Here are the following guidelines when installing cameras in Dubai:-

  • All CCTV cameras must be registered with the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA).
  • CCTV cameras must be installed to minimize intrusion into people’s privacy.
  • CCTV cameras must not be installed in private areas without the consent of the owner or occupier.
  • CCTV footage must be stored securely and only accessed by authorized personnel.
  • CCTV footage must not be used for any other purpose than security and crime prevention without the consent of the person being filmed.

Here are some specific factors that Iron Logic Systems considers when installing CCTV cameras in Dubai, so read carefully:-

  • Camera placement
  • Camera type
  • Resolution
  • Night vision
  • Weatherproofing 
  • Data storage

Get Professional Security Camera Installation in Dubai

Iron Logic Systems is a leading security camera installation company in Dubai. We offer a wide range of security cameras and accessories. Our experienced and certified technicians can provide you with the best possible service. We use high-quality equipment and provide professional installation and support. Here are some benefits of choosing security camera installation in Dubai from us.

  • You get an experienced and reputed team
  • Access to a wide range of products and services
  • Professional installation
  • Comprehensive warranty on all products & services

Helping to Keep Dubai Safe and Secure With Police CCTV Guidelines in Dubai

The Dubai Police Department has issued a set of guidelines for the installation of CCTV cameras. These guidelines are designed to ensure that cameras are used responsibly and ethically and do not violate the privacy of individuals.

Police Guidelines for CCTV in Dubai

The Iron Logic Systems follows all applicable police guidelines when installing a CCTV camera In Dubai. These guidelines are designed to ensure that cameras do not cause any inconvenience to residents and tourists of Dubai. 

Here, are some of the key police guidelines that Iron Logic Systems follows before the camera installation some are as follows:-

  • Obtain permission from the Dubai Police Department
  • Install the camera in a strategic location where it is visible to all
  • Signs should make it clear that people are under CCTV surveillance
  • Use a high-quality camera, and it should be at least 2 megapixels
  • All premises must have video surveillance systems remotely connected via a VideoGuard, approved by SIRA.
  • Respect the Right to Privacy of all

Why Choose Iron Logic Systems?

Iron Logic Systems is one of the UAE’s leading security systems providers. We adhere to comprehensive CCTV guidelines for Dubai to offer installation and maintenance services. Moreover, we provide a wide range of products and services and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. In addition, if you’re a GPS tracking company, we can be your reliable partner and provide world-class GPS trackers in Dubai.