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How To Identify The Performance of Your Tracking Device

In a competitive business world, resource management is a principle that involves measuring the effectiveness of resource utilization while minimizing waste while maximizing output. In businesses such as delivery vehicles and car rentals, vehicle tracking system solutions are becoming increasingly popular, allowing them to monitor and manage their fleet of vehicles. It provides a real-time location and vehicle movement tracking system to businesses for efficient and effective operation. In this article, we will explore vehicle tracking systems and their benefits in the transportation business. We will also learn how to identify the performance of your tracking device for optimal vehicle management and data-driven exercise.

What is a Vehicle Tracking System?

A vehicle tracking system is a device that is used by transportation companies to monitor the location of trucks, trailers, and others like rental vehicles. This device is connected and the software is integrated into vehicle’s GPS, giving the corporation real-time insights in the geographic location of their vehicles.

It can also be referred to as fleet management system, although it contains more functions than just tracking your vehicle. A reliable vehicle tracking system solutions can provide additional support for vehicle timely maintenance, managing driving behaviour and fuel consumption or even leasing or financing vehicles to name a few. These functionalities are valuable for various businesses that deals in transportation services and vehicle business.

Here’s how a tracking system works:

  • It provides a user-friendly dashboard for managing fleet vehicles, including fuel log entries, costs, and other features
  • Recurring costs of contracts such as leasing and services contracts are automatically added to accounting
  • Automatic Plate Number Recognition (APNR) technology accurately identifies vehicle registration plates for efficient and reliable plate recognition capabilities
  • It offers journey tracking by plate number and GPS for all Emirates, monitoring vehicle statistics like speed, fuel, and engine oil

What are the Benefits of Tracking Devices?

Tracking devices, specifically GPS fleet tracking systems, offer numerous benefits for transportation and fleet businesses.

Here are some of the key advantages:

Real-time location tracking

Fleet tracking software provides real-time visibility into the location of vehicles or assets through GPS technology, allowing businesses to easily identify where their vehicles are at any given time.

Enhanced fleet optimization

Tracking devices optimize fleet management by providing real-time GPS updates, collision notifications, and engine fault detection. Vehicle tracking solutions enables businesses in making informed decisions, schedule trips more efficiently, and reduce vehicle downtime.

Improved resource optimization

GPS fleet tracking solutions allow businesses to monitor their vehicles and gain detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behavior, and engine idling in real-time.

Cost reduction

Vehicle tracking solutions help reduce expenses such as fuel costs, repair costs, vehicle downtime, insurance costs, and risks for accidents. Additionally, these systems can streamline administrative tasks, potentially reducing the need for additional tools or software.

Simplified insurance claims

By having a GPS tracking device installed on vehicles or high-value assets, the process of filing insurance claims becomes easier. The tracking system provides all the necessary insights, whether it is an accident or theft, making the claim processing smoother for both the business and the insurance provider.

Ways to Identify the Performance of your Tracking Device


Here, we have highlighted essential points that will help you identify the performance of your tracking device:

Active hours/ Uptime

Active hours or uptime is referred to the vehicle engine tracking device, calculating from the moment of turning the key to turning off of the engine.

It includes the productivity of the vehicle from the time of availability, distance covered, degree of acceleration (speed), ignition status (volume of fuel consumed), and traffic situations.

Hence a reliable vehicle tracking system solutions can provide valuable informations of your fleet operations, from number of rides to distance covered by the vehicle and much more such engine idling which all together known as uptime.


One simple way to measure the durability of your vehicle tracking system is monitoring it performance in different weather conditions.

It should be able to deliver accurate data to the owner of vehicles current status seamlessly even in harsh driving conditions. This proves the durability of the device due to its high quality sensors that can emit strong radio waves or signals.

Accuracy of location

A good tracking device should be able to provid accurate/precise location, as it is important factor for determining the performance of your vehicle/vehicles. Its signals should not be disturbed by different factors such as, extreme rain, satellites, transmitter and receiver signal, or other condition.

Check if your device can be updated with newer version as it can add on to the accuracy along with additional features that can addup to accurate transmission.

Battery life

The battery life of a tracking device depends on the amount of power and duration of the usage. It is essential for us to keep in mind that the battery life may differ from device to device. Better life play a crucial role and calculating the performance of your device the battery life cannot be ignored.

IronLogic: Your Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Tracking Systems

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