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Extra Low Voltage System (ELV)

Iron Logic Systems provide reliable structured cabling solutions that can deal with the most demanding needs of organizational IT infrastructure.

Iron Logic Systems: Your Reliable Destination for Extra Low Voltage System

Smart buildings are the latest additions to smart TVs and smartphones. So, what is the concept of smart building? Well, it refers to a building that has minimized the cost of operations and is efficient at the same time. To accomplish this goal, ELV systems are introduced. ELV security systems are basically the range of engineering solutions that enable the security mechanism in the building.

Extra Low Voltage System

If you are looking for state-of-the-art SLV systems, then Iron Logic Systems is here for you. We are an SIRA-certified company committed to delivering reliable extra voltage systems.

We supply our clients extra low-voltage and electrical ELV system.

Our experienced and professionally qualified technical and sales team is keen to support all the pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Need for Extra Low Voltage (ELV) System

Safety: ELV security systems are designed to minimize the risk of electrical shock, fire, and other safety hazards. With lower voltages, there is less potential for serious injury or damage in case of accidents or electrical faults.

Minimized Electrical Interference: ELV systems are less likely to cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) with sensitive electronic equipment and communication systems, ensuring proper functionality and reducing downtime.

Automation and Control: ELV systems are commonly used for automation and control applications, such as home automation, building management, and industrial process control. Lower voltage levels are suitable for controlling various devices and sensors.

Energy Efficiency: ELV systems consume less energy than higher voltage systems, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. This is especially important in a world increasingly focused on sustainability and reducing energy consumption.

Reliability: ELV systems are often more reliable due to their simplicity and reduced risk of electrical faults. This is essential for applications where consistent operation is critical, such as security systems, emergency lighting, and telecommunications.

Benefits of Buying from Us

Range of ELV Systems for Buildings

We offer a variety of ELV security systems as per the electrical and mechanical requirements of business.

Reliable ELV Solution

Being a SIRA-certified company, we are renowned for delivering reliable and tailored extra low-voltage systems.

Serve Various Industries

Our electrical ELV system and security solutions are not confined to one type of industry. Instead, we serve different portfolios of industries, such as government and private.

Qualified Staff

We encompass a team of qualified staff with appropriate knowledge of installing the ELV system.

Why Choose Us?

We are an SIRA-certified company and renowned for providing ELV security systems. At Iron Logic Systems, we help you fulfill your requirements and provide a wide range of solutions, such as CCTV camera installation and garage doors.

Moreover, if you are searching for “home automation companies near me,” you can contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every type of business requires an ELV system, such as small, large, and big entities.

Yes, you can integrate the ELV system with your existing electrical equipment, allowing you to get the best out of it.

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, ELV System is any system that operates at a voltage not exceeding 35V AC (or 60V ripple-free DC). Access control systems, intrusion detection systems, fire alarms, etc., are some of the components of ELV systems.