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GRMS: Guest Room Management Systems

Iron Logic Systems provide state-of-the-art GRMS (Guestroom Management Systems) for light, temperature shade control, and other smart functions.

Iron Logic Systems can supply our customers with state-of-the-art GRMS (Guestroom Management Systems) for light, temperature shade control, and other smart functions.

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) is an automation system often istalled in modern hotel rooms. It’s a sophisticated and efficient way to control lighting, temperature, curtains, TV, music, radio and hotel guest services by using set of buttons or a touch panel. It can also identify if guest is currently present in the room or not, and react accordingly.

GRMS: Guest Room Management Systems

We at Iron Logic Systems utilize our broad expertise in installation, setup and maintenance of GRMS systems in Dubai and other parts of UAE. Our qualified technical team are ready to visit your location for evaluation.

We supply hotels in Dubai and other parts of UAE with state-of-the-art Guestroom Management Systems

Our experienced and professionally qualified technical and sales team is keen to support all the pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Optimize Your Hotel Room with Our Guest Room Management Systems

The hospitality industry is very competitive. Every hotel owner wants to provide the best experience to their guests. Views, interiors, recreational facilities, breakfast buffet, etc., are great, but the room has the maximum impact on the guest’s mind.

Iron Logic Systems understands this very well and facilitates guest room management systems for hotels to automate their hotel rooms. This helps hotel owners stay competitive in the competitive landscape and comforts their guests.

Exploring Iron Logic’s Guest Room Management Systems

A Guest Room Management System is a comprehensive solution that integrates various technologies. This streamlines and enhances the guest experience within hotel rooms. Beyond mere accommodation, guest room management systems empower hotels to offer a sophisticated and deeply personalized stay for their guests. This sets a new standard for comfort, convenience, and sustainability.

Explore Our GRMS Systems Functionality

Automated Lighting Control

Iron Logic Systems provides GRMS systems, which help guests fix lighting based on their visual preferences. It allows them to dim light to relax or bright light to work. The automated lighting control provides a sense of comfort and satisfaction to guests. These customizable features result in energy-efficient solutions.

HVAC Control

The world is facing climate change. So, guests must adjust the room’s temperature based on their preferences. However, maintaining the room’s temperature can take a toll on the bank. Not anymore!

We facilitate guest room automation systems that keep the temperature on the desired need. This provides comfort along with being an energy-efficient option. Hotels can also optimize energy usage by setting predefined temperature limits.

Entertainment Systems

Guests can access a range of entertainment options through the GRMS systems. This includes smart TVs, streaming services, audio systems, etc. Our system ensures seamless connectivity and user-friendly interfaces for a better entertainment experience.

Security and Access Control

Security is paramount, and our guest room automation system addresses this problem. Door locks, keyless entry, and real-time monitoring are features that enhance guests’ safety and security.

Integration with Hotel Management Systems

We understand that hotels work with multiple management systems, like PMS systems. So, we provide an interoperable guest room automation system with broader hotel management systems. This integration ensures that information about guest preferences, usage patterns, and service requests is readily available to the hotel staff. This helps hotels provide a more personalized and efficient service.

Door Bell, MUR & DND

Switches in our room management system include doorbells, MURs, and DND. A LED button is incorporated for “Do not Disturb” and “Makeup Room.” This display aids in understanding the status of the room. This helps in optimizing the housekeeping of a room.

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