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Long Range RFID Readers in Ajman

Iron Logic Systems can supply state-of-the art RFID solutions, such as long range RFID readers, short range readers, cards, and other components in UAE.

Iron Logic Systems can supply state-of-the art RFID solutions, such as long range RFID readers, short range readers, cards, and other components in Ajman.

Iron Logic Systems supply RFID readers with stable performance, longer reading distance and faster recognition speed. The UHF reader is equipped with the passive UHF card function, which could be widely used in vehicle management and personnel management applications.

Long Range RFID Readers

The long range RFID readers are designed for vehicle access control, as they stop unidentified vehicles to enter designated areas. it also used in tracking and asset management. Short range RFID readers are also used for access control, as well as in retail, warehouse management, and other purposes.

Specialists at Iron Logic Systems can supply, install and configure RFID readers for different purposes in Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE.

We supply our clients with various types of RFID readers in Ajman for different purposes.

Our experienced and professionally qualified technical and sales team is keen to support all the pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Get the Best-Ever RFID Long Range Readers in Ajman

Buy State of art RFID Solutions With Us

Are you looking for RFID long range readers in Ajman? Look nowhere, we at Iron Logic Systems (the SIRA-certified company) provide smart and secure RFID readers of varied ranges for different purposes in retail, warehouse management, and other sectors.

Different Types of Long Range RFID in Ajman We Offer:

Fixed RFID Readers: Installed at a fixed location, primarily used in access control systems, inventory tracking, and supply chain management.

Handheld RFID Readers: Our battery-powered and portable reader is used for asset tracking and data collection in mobile environments.

Desktop RFID Readers: Developed for workstations and suitable for applications like library management and asset verification in a confined region.

Integrated RFID Readers: Embedded within other devices, like phones and industrial equipment. This long range RFID in Ajman enables communication with RFID tags.

UHF RFID Readers: Operate at 860-960 MHz frequency and are used in supply chain and logistics applications.

HF RFID Readers: Operate at a frequency range of 13.56 MHz and commonly used in identification cards, contactless payment systems

LF RFID Reader: Operates at a frequency range of 125-134 kHz and is more often used in proximity reading, like access control systems.

Active RFID Readers: These are the long range RFID card reader in Ajman and are used in real-time location systems. They use battery-powered tags that actively transmit data to the reader. 

Passive RFID Readers: These use tags that rely on the energy transmitted by the reader to the communicator. It is used in applications like toll collection, inventory management, etc. 

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