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Nurse Calling Systems

Iron Logic Systems can supply reliable and comprehensive nurse calling systems in UAE, as well as the entire Middle East Region.

Iron Logic Systems can supply reliable and comprehensive nurse calling systems in UAE, as well as the entire Middle East Region.

Nurse calling system within a healthcare facility ensures a quick and effective response to patient’s calls with a touch of a button. In the event of an emergency, nurses are notified immediately. A functioning nurse calling system can be crucial for the patient’s health and wellbeing, and it is important to ensure that it is properly set and operational 24/7.

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Nurse Calling System

We supply UAE based hospitals and other healthcare facilities with comprehensive nurse calling systems.

Our experienced and professionally qualified technical and sales team is keen to support all the pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Offering Extensive Patient Care with Our Nurse Calling Systems

Patients are vulnerable and require consistent support from hospitals and nursing homes. Therefore, Iron Logic Systems offers nurse calling systems to healthcare entities in the Middle East Region, including UAE.

Our nurse calling systems allow patients to contact caregivers when they require additional assistance or in an emergency. Implement our nurse calling systems in your healthcare premises and provide your patients extensive care.

Know About Our Call Nurse System

Our call nurse system is easy to use, allowing patients to communicate with nurses for any assistance with the touch of a button. Our system works 24*7 to ensure the better health and wellbeing of patients.

Here are the components used in our wireless nurse call systems:

Patient Station

This enables prompt and direct communication between patients, healthcare professionals, or residents. Our nurse call bell system eliminates unnecessary trips and forth during communication, optimizing the time. We installed a patient station near the bedside, enabling quick and easy communication.  

Pillow Speaker

It is given to patients which is very similar to a TV remote. It allows patients easy access to nurses, TV and seamless control of the environment in the patient’s room.

Moreover, when a patient contacts a nurse, our nurse call bell system automatically mutes the other audio source, like TV. For this, the pillow speaker needs to connect with a patient speaker.

Call Cord

It allows calling by pressing the button. A call card is plugged into a pillow speaker on the patient’s station. When patients press the button, a visual illustrator indicates a call has been placed.

Moreover, this can be customized based on your requirements.

Nurse Console

This is placed in a nursing station room, where staff will receive the call and give directions based on requirements.

Dome Light

This is located in the patient and staff room to provide indications of the correct location from where the call has originated.

Bathroom Station

This is placed in the bathroom. It is water-resistant and activates when pulled. This allows patients to get assistance when they fall, need help with hygiene, or in an emergency.  

Code Station

This allows the nurse to place a code call.

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